– Share Monetary Goodies with Entrepreneurs in the Developing World

Today’s post is not about the goodies that I’ve received, but rather a service that allows me to provide goodies to others in the form of business investments.

Over the past 10 years or so, international charities and development organizations have developed an appreciation for micro loans in the developing world….

Super Bowl XL, check received for free soda and chips. [1]

Pepsi/Frito Lay rebate check
This month the current Super Bowl XL free after rebate Pepsi/Frito Lay rebate check arrived. For the second year in a row I’ve received a lot of junk food for free. Last year the Super Bowl XXXIX netted me a cool collectable rebate check, that was promptly sent off to the bank. This year I’m preparing to do the same.

Sponsored Blog Review - The Scholarship Blog

Last weekend I received an invitation to review the The Scholarship Blog via “”: landed in my email box. My first though was that the site probably was a hack job for a website created to drive ad clicks. I was surprised to find that the site had quality written content and thus accepted the invitation to do a paid review of the site.